Western vs. Eastern Viewpoints

The Western viewpoint of acupuncture is as follows: when a painful area is gently needled, it will increase local blood flow. This stimulation brings in nutrients and flushes out toxins, reduces inflammation and encourages healing.

The Eastern viewpoint of this 2,000-year old science is slightly different. Chi, or life energy, has a natural flow through the body. When that flow is blocked, pain and disease are the inevitable result. When meridian points are painlessly stimulated through the insertion of hair-like needles, normal energy flow is restored. Dysfunction is eliminated.

It doesn’t matter what direction you lean in—acupuncture is a wonderful and effective healing modality.

Who Can Benefit from Acupuncture?

In our experience, we find that the following conditions respond very favorably to skilled acupuncture treatment:

  • ZBetter muscle function with increased strength
  • ZDecreased pain
  • ZFeeling better while carrying out activities of daily living
  • ZImprovement in joint range of motion
  • ZIncreased blood flow to injured areas
  • ZLess scar tissue and muscular adhesions
  • ZQuicker recovery from workouts

Acupuncture is the “internal medicine” portion of The Source Wellness Center, and adds to the effectiveness of our treatments. We encourage you to come in and see us if you’ve been suffering from any of the above issues or acute or chronic pain. We can help. We feature same-day appointments and provide Saturday bookings. Contact us today!

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